Batch trim + fade with macros

Hi all !

I’m new to Macro solutions.
I was expecting the thing to work easily but for a reason I can’t find a simple solution…
I’ve seen other examples of people looking for the same thing and copied ideas, to no avail.

I’d like a macro to batch edit about 15 mp3 (is possible) or wave files, and do 30 second excerpts with 3 second fade out.

I’ve tried
Start time 0, End 30
Start 0 End 3 Relative to Project end
Fade out Factory Default

… and other combinations with tools Trim, Selection, etc.

any idea ?
thanks !

Try this one:
30 second clip.txt (142 Bytes)
If you’re using the current version of Audacity, you can simply import the macro into the Macro Editor (See:

Ohhh ! wonderful… many thanks, Steve !
It works perfectly. I guess the export part was missing in my macro…

side question, is it possible to do the same, but with mp3s (and thus exporting as mp3s) ?

To export as MP3, remove the “ExportWav:” command at the end and replace it with the export as MP3 command.
Note that re-encoding as MP3 will slightly reduce the sound quality.