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Until now, when i wanted to adjust the volume of many mp3 files, i imported them into audacity ( File-import-Audio) and i treated them without any problem.
But now, when i try to do it, all my files are mixed together , and when i export , i get only one global file which includes all my files.
Does someone can help me to resolve this problem?

If you use File > Import > Audio… multiple files will always import into separate Audacity tracks and will always be mixed together if you use File > Export… .

Use File > Export Multiple…then each Audacity track will be exported as an audio file.

You can also create a Chain containing a volume change effect and an export MP3 command then apply the chain to your files. It is easier to apply the change to many files that way, but don’t process more than a few hundred files at a time or the process will fail.

Please be aware you are making your MP3’s sound worse by rewriting them. You can make volume changes without harming the sound by using Macsome or Audion, which don’t rewrite the file. See Missing features - Audacity Support .


Thanks a lot, Gale, for your precious help
It really works.
However,I think that i gonna buy Macsome because, as you tell it to me, it does not harm the files at all.
But,when i am on the website of Macsome, many products are proposed ( Audio book converter, audio recorder,i tunes music converter …etc).
Which of theses products is, in your mind, the best appropriated to my purpose( i want only my mp3 files getting the same level, because i use these files on stage and it’s not easy to go to the mixer at every new song to correct the volume),
Thanks again

Have a look at “Sound Check” iTunes - Official Apple Support
I think it is included in iTunes so you may not need to buy anything extra.

Thanks for your help.
Do you think that i can export the files on external storage( USB) to read these files on stage, without using I Tunes or is it necessary to play the files with Itunes to keep the level adjustment,Thanks.

The Macsome Audio Editor is free - you can use that to volume adjust the MP3 files.

If you don’t volume adjust the MP3 files in Macsome then you will need a computer running iTunes when you play the files on stage. iTunes can read the files from the USB drive if you drag the files from the USB drive into iTunes.

Don’t delete the files on the USB drive because by default iTunes reads them from the USB drive and does not make a copy of them.


Thanks a lot Gale!!!