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I found an answer to this dated 2013 and wanted to know whether a solution is now available.

I have many (~300) wav files with a sampling rate of 500 kHz. I want to resample these at 48 kHz and export them using a batch function or chain. I found that I can’t change the project rate or use the track > resample commands in a chain though.

Is there a way to do this without importing all the files, manually changing the project rate, and then exporting the files?

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Try [u]TAudioConverter[/u] (drag & drop multiple files). Or, since you seem comfortable with the command line and scripting, try [u]SoX[/u].

I don’t know if either of these can open a 500kHz audio file… I’ve never seen a 500kHz audio file.

SoX should work.

Out of interest, what are these files that have a 500 kHz sample rate? That is a massively over the top high sample rate for audio :open_mouth:

Thank you for your replies - I will try both methods and let you know which works best. The 500 kHz sampling rate is for recording high frequency, marine mammal vocalizations using a towed array of hydrophones. Harbour porpoises around the UK for example, click like bats at around 130 kHz. Makes for big files, and when i review the files for the mid-low frequency calls of other species, resampling them to 48 kHz or less makes them easier to handle.

Wow, I never realised they went that high :open_mouth:

Hi again.

Ok - I’ve run the windows SoX installer. When i run sox.exe should i get a command line interface? A command line-looking black screen just whizzes past in half a second. I’m on Win7 64 bit.

It looks like the software I need to do the resampling though, if i can figure out how it works. I’m not sure how to reference my folder of input files and a location for the output. I know this isn’t a Sox forum, but any help would be appreciated.



You need to open a command prompt window.
I don’t use Windows, but this looks like it should have something that works: - see “Synopsis” at the top of the page.
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Thanks very much for your help.

I used Sox and the example bat file that comes with the installation. I modified the bat file for 48 kHz resampling and could drag a batch of files onto the bat file in windows explorer. It let me do about 130 files at a time (just closed itself if i tried to do too many at a time).

So thanks - SoX worked fine for me. I did experience a problem with Audacity step prior to resampling… if you are interested please see my last post (‘opening audio’).