batch processing

This is not a Wndows question but supposedly its rather general.

I need to do the same process with multiple wav files.

I did read the page and found

" Example 1: LoudMP3
A batch processing Chain to compress and normalize WAV files then convert them to MP3: "

But I did not find any chain commands to load a new file and hence I don’t understand how doing a batch that handles multiple wav files (and outputs a new wav file for each of them) is supposed to be done.


You’re right. There’s a step missing. If I had to guess at it, I would drag-select my files and then apply the chain. When you try to apply a chain, is there a dialog of where to find a folder or directory with your files in it?

There it is. “Apply To Files” and it opens a dialog where you can point to the location of your files.


I think the examples assume the “Apply Chain” section above the examples has already been read, however I have added the extra step below the image in both examples.

This change will be in the Manual for 2.0.6 when that version is released.

Thanks for the feedback.