Batch processing: export multichannel or keep file open after macro runs?

Hey guys!

I have a bunch of 5.1 audio files that need a bit less bass. So I made a Graphic EQ preset and crated a macro with it that applies the preset and exports as flac.

Unfortunately, I ended up with mono flacs when batch processing. So I removed the export step from the macro, but now all it does is open the files, apply the EQ and then close them again. I doesn’t leave them open for me to export them manually.

What I want are 5.1 flac files with less bass. How can I get them? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, Audacity’s batch processing does not yet support exporting multi-channel files, only mono or stereo.
You can apply a Macro to the current project regardless of the number of tracks, (which can be useful for chaining effects), but applying a Macro to a batch of files can only give mono or stereo files as the result.

Thanks, Steve!

As a workaround, I’ve now replaced the “Export as FLAC” step with a “Save Project” step. That way, I can batch-EQ the files and have working copies of them to re-open straight after and then manually export as mch flac.