Batch Mixdown a to b, a to c , e.t.c. [SOLVED]

Have Debian 9.9.0 and Audacity 2.3.3-alpha. freshly compiled from source.
Have one file which i want to add to many other files at the front. Problem, cant perfectly explain, lets say add file1 > file2, file1 >file3 , file1 > file4 e.t.c
And, because have around 700 audio files, wish to find macro or some other solution.
Hope is some solution to automate it.

It can be done with a macro (

You need to know in advance how long “file 1” is, then your macro commands are:

  1. Select from start of track to <length of file 1>
  2. Repeat effect (repeat once)
  3. Select from start of track to <length of file 1>
  4. Silence the selection
  5. Import2: <fully qualified name of file 1>
  6. Export

Something not ok, where its gonna get file to add to others?

When you run a Macro on a selection of files, Audacity imports the first of the selected files, runs the macro, then clears the project and repeats the process with the next file, and so on. Thus, running a Macro as a batch process will pull in file 2, file 3, file 4,…

The “Import2:” command in the script pulls in “file 1”, which is the same each time the macro runs.

Thanks a lot Steve!
Sorry, it took a while to get it working (had issue between arms and keyboard), but got it working!!!

If someone also want to add audio file in front of many audio files, here is my macro:

Select:End="0" Mode="Set" Start="0.3"
Select:End="0" Mode="Set" Start="0.3"
Silence:Use_Preset="<Current Settings>"

Its made, following Steve’s instructions… .

Super :slight_smile:

I’ll close this topic as"solved".