Batch fade-ins & outs?

I need to add 5 sec fade-ins & 5 sec fade-outs to 150 mp3 files in batch.
Is this possible in Audacity?

thanks for the help!

Audacity doesn’t actually edit MP3 files. It imports them as a separate file type and then exports a whole new MP3 when it’s done. This means the compression sound damage always goes up when you edit MP3 music in Audacity.

Try MP3Splt.


Oh wait. You’re on a Mac. I don’t have any handy software for that. Koz

Try this plug-in:
Installation instructions:
Then you will need to add it to a “Chain”:

But it’s still going to create additional sound damage. You’re never going to get the same quality that went in at the same filesize.


Thanks all for your help! The plug-in did the trick! :slight_smile:

That doesn’t do fades unless it’s an undocumented feature.

Given the GUI is not documented at all (except for some cryptic instructions on the interface) it should only be recommended to those comfortable with using the command-line or are prepared to experiment with how the interface is supposed to work. If anyone does use the GUI, click “Add” to add a split point.

See for other possible tools.