Batch export of projects to FLAC


I have about 60 audacity project files (each 30 min) that I would like to export as FLAC. They are completed projects that I have been exporting as mp3 as I go along, but now I’d like to have a lossless version of them.

Is there any way to do this as a group instead of opening each project and exporting one by one?

Unfortunately not. It’s a shame that you didn’t do it the other way round - if you has exported as FLAC, then you could easily have converted the FLAC files to MP3.

You “could” batch convert the MP3 files to FLAC, but MP3 files are always lower quality than the original. Although FLAC files converted from the MP3s will be no worse sound quality than the MP3s, they will be no better either, so there’s not really any point in doing that.

Actually, there probably IS a way, but it’s not simple and it requires additional software.
It’s probably possible to automate opening the projects and exporting, using AutoHotKey:

I’m only saying “probably” because I don’t use AutoHotKey myself, but it looks like it can probably do the job.

As a pratical matter 60 isn’t a big number* and even if you could do it as a script/batch/macro it would probably take you longer to program, debug, and validate, and if you just jump-in and do it manually you could be done by now! :wink:

Thanks everyone. That’s kind of what I suspected.

The mp3s are needed for publication, and I’m ususaly in a rush to get them out, so saving as flac wasn’t a priority. But I’ll just add one more step while I’m waiting for something else to load. :blush: