Batch converting sample rate & cropping silence

I have a tonne of samples that I need to convert from various sample rates and bit depths into 16bit 48KHz.

A lot of the samples also have long sections of unwanted silence at the end of the samples that I want to crop.

How do I do these as batch actions in Audacity?

Is there an automated way to do it?

Can someone point to a step-by-step or tutorial, or even give me a step-by-step here?


I can offer the following option. Write a macro:
01 Select All
02 Truncate Silence.
03 End
Import a lot of your samples simultaneously, apply the Macro and Export as Multiple Files (choose desired Sample Rate)

Thank you, is it possible to automate the export process too with a macro?

I tried, the export in the macro does not work

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Thanks. I just tried to add ‘export’ to macro and it didn’t work for me either.