batch convert to headerless raw files

I need to convert a large number of files from wav-header to headerless raw 16bit 16kHz audio.
Is that possible via batch conversion with Audacity yet?
the posts I found on this left me a bit confused, but I havn’t found an “exportRaw” command …

I dont’ use batch processing, but if it helps…

If the sample rate is not already 16kHz, change the Project Rate in the lower-left corner to 16,000.

File Export: Other Compressed Types
Options → Header: RAW
Encoding:16-bit PCM (I’m assuming you want PCM)

The command to use in the Chain would be “ExportOtherUncompressed” but Chains does not support that export command, nor does it support setting sample rate - the files you process will be exported at the same sample rate as the file.

So, no, you can’t use Audacity for this.

Try SoX if you are happy using the command-line: