Batch Command Not Recognized

Hello. I’m using Audacity 3.0.4 on Ubuntu Linux 18.04.5. Today I tried using a macro containing Graphics EQ, Compress & Dynamics (ala Chris Capel) and Normalization. The message back states Compress&Dynamics not found. Somehow it was disabled; that’s where I find it listed anyway. However when I enable it the plugin fails to appear in the effects menu, and is still listed as disabled under Add/Remove Plugins.
The effects menu has also changed. Before there were two options “Additional Plugins 1- 15” and “15-21” or some such thing. These have disappeared. What happened to my plugins? Please, how do I get them back?

Try the AppImage version of Audacity 3.0.5:

(Note that the AppImage does not yet support Jack Audio System or FFmpeg)

The updated 3.0.5 had ready access to my Capel’s Compressor files. So it was a straightforward affair to create a new Macro. Thanks! :smiley: