Batch change gain for selected tracks?

Instead of altering gain track by track. Is this possible.

I want some tracks to remain the same and others to change by the same value.

SHIFT-click the tracks you want to modify the volume of, and use Effect > Amplify… . If you are using Chains, File > Edit Chains… and add an Amplify command to the Chain.

If you are asking for a keyboard shortcut that lets you modify gain on all selected tracks, it’s a Feature Request. Would you like to vote for that?


Hi Gale.

Thanks, after trying the shift/click amplify method
I’d like the shortcut option to batch change gain on selected tracks.

Where should I post this other request?
Another colour option for track titles on the waveform displays. Yellow isn’t too legible in some oudoor light conditions on my laptop, I have to tilt the screen right back. Whereas the rest of the interface display is perfectly legible.

I’ve recorded your votes. Thanks for the input.