Batch build-a-song scripting, is this possible?

In a given folder, I have files in the naming pattern (string) INTRO.mp3 and (string) LOOP.mp3, as well as other files that should be left alone. What I want to have happen for each set of appropriate files is this:

Import (string) INTRO.mp3
Import (string) LOOP.mp3 twice (so they’re all different tracks in the same project)
Cut the second LOOP copy to its first 15 seconds
Align end-to-end
Merge into single track
Fade out last 7~8 seconds
Export as (string).mp3

As the title says, is this possible?

If I understand the task correctly, it is too complex to do with Audacity’s “Macro” batch processing, but sounds like it could be done using Python to drive Audacity (see: