Batch add silence to FLACs?

Sorry if this has been asked before… also, I’m about as green as you can get with Audacity, downloaded last week and am only now starting to see the power of this program.

I’m looking for a plug-in or GUI option to take hundreds of FLACs (MP3 or WAVs would also be a nice bonus) and add silence to the end of the file say in small amounts… like 0.1 or 0.5 seconds. Another bonus would be the option to add silence at the beginning of a track too. I’m thinking something like a check box to select end, beginning, or both and then a slider or input box to state exactly how much silence to add… then select my 500+ files and walk away for a bit while it does it’s thing, lol.

Please no command line stuff or trying to write my own plug-in because after reading some other forum threads I’m not following how to even do that stuff currently, ha.

Thank you for any tips on this.

Provided that the FLAC files are not too long, you can use the “Trim / Extend” plug-in to add silence:
This plug-in loads the entire track into RAM, so it can’t be used on very long tracks.

Create a “Chain” to run the plug-in and the export:

thank you, that looks like that should do exactly what I need without a ton of work. Appreciated :slight_smile: