Bassiness in vocals

I am working with the most recent version of Audacity, Mac OS 12.12.5. I am using an ElectroVoice RE20 microphone and Apogee one as my input device.

I produce a podcast, and the host recently moved his recording space. The older space sounded great. The new space is super resonant, the recordings are all too bass. He’s put foam on the walls. The mic is on a swing arm suspended in the air. The recordings are still too resonant. Any insights into this would be much appreciated.

I can eq the bass down, but it still isn’t coming out like I want.

Sounds like you need to install “bass traps”.
Bass traps are usually used in the corners of the room. DIY versions can work well without being too costly.

Thank you Steve I will look into that.

A multi-band compressor may be worth a try, set to compress bass only.

Does it have echoes? A resonant room without echoes is pretty unusual and echoes usually kill you way faster than anything else.

Rather than guess at it, post a sample. 20 Seconds mono WAV or 10 seconds Stereo WAV.

Follow this formula generally. You don’t have to convert to mono, but if you do submit stereo, it should be under 10 seconds.