bass track cuts out

Hi. I use windows 7. I upgraded to Audacity 2.1.2 via .exe installer. I have recorded a guitar track using a microphone and I am trying to add a bass track. I am using a DigiTech BP80 modeling bass processor. I use the lineout from the Left channel connecting it to the mic input of my Acer Travelmate Laptop. I use one earbud to monitor the bass from the headset out from the Digitech processor. I use another earbud from the headset out of (using a 2nd headset, of course) from my laptop. In this way I avoid the latency issue when I play in accompaniment to the original guitar track.

My problem is that when I use a playing technique involving multiple very fast repetitions of notes (often double-stops) the recorded sound seems to disappear for many seconds and then often reappear when I change notes and then disappear again. It is only when I use this playing technique that the problem occurs. Otherwise the bass comes through without problem.

Can anyone help me resolve this issue? Many thanks in advance.

Windows sees your extended notes as “hum and interference” and is trying to get rid of them to “help you.” If you were in a chat or call, this would be a good thing. But you’re not.


I am embarased to say that I don’t know how to access the “chat” option.

Also, although I prefer working on my own laptop, I “can” have access to a Mac. Would that solve the problem I am having with the bass?

Koz is suggesting that this may be the problem:

Thank you so much! I will check this out.