Bass tone on speaker payback only

There is an annoying bass tone ONLY when I playback on my computer speakers from Audacity. There is no bass tone sound on the same computer speakers from all other audio sources. Again this only happens in Audacity. Also, there is NO bass humming sound when I playback in Audacity from my headset.
To recap, Audacity-sourced audio is flawless on my headset but bass tones on my speakers.

Any suggestions on how to remove the bass tone on speaker Audacity playback?

Thank you!

No. But you could try Tools > Reset Configuration, then Transport > Rescan Audio Devices.

What are you trying to play ?

just audio im recording from a mic (logitech headset with mic).

after clicking reset configuration it just blinks and no other options show up

That is correct. I have no further suggestions for your bass issue - perhaps there are others who would like to contribute.

I have an upside down technique for some tough problems. If someone wrote me a big check and wanted me to intentionally create your problem, how would I do it?

I don’t think I can. Note that sometimes “Impossible, Magic” forum posts are fake.

You might record ten seconds of voice likely to create problems, export it as perfect quality WAV and post it on the forum. The upload icon is the thick bar with up arrow.


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