Bass sync issues from online transfers

Audacity 2.0.2 from .exe
Windows Vista Home Premium

Hi, I’m recording with some friends in other cities. Today I tried to incorporate the bass track I just received, and found that it was slightly out of sync (I recorded guitars to a clicktrack, sent guitars to bass player, bass player overdubbed and sent me both the bass and guitars together, and the bass by itself) I had a listen to the mix with both tracks he sent, sounded good but needed some effects.When imported the bass track it seems either very slightly early or maybe its been sped up thru the different softwares.
My friend is using his mobile and different software. I assume that’s the problem.
Anyone else had a similar problem?

Help me out Audaci-geniuses!

It’s not the software. It’s the hardware. Everybody knows 44100 is the sample rate default for Audacity music, but what if the soundcard maker was having a bad day and the system was really running at 44100.5? Or 44099.5? The longer you record, the further off they’re going to be from someone with a perfectly correct soundcard.

I’m not shocked at the beginnings aren’t in step, either. One very important setup process is “tuning out” your recording latency. Like this:

If you didn’t do that step, or you did it sloppy, or you did it with a machine that was sloppy, the beginning’s can be off.

So you need two sync points, one at the beginning and one at the end. You can tune the left one with the Time Shift Tool and the right one with Effect > Change Speed.

The video people make out here. Their systems have to maintain much stricter tolerances, or they stop working. They can record videos in several cities and combine them with pretty good accuracy later.

That’s how this was done.