Bass Boost

I am using Win7
I have a recording that contains vocal and instrumental in one track … I would like to boost only the bass … what settings should I use in the "BassBoost’ effect
Thank you

The BassBoost effect was buggy and has been discontinued. If you use too much of it the result will be distorted and cannot be repaired, Use the Preview button to test the settings before applying the effect. If you apply too much or too little you can undo with Ctrl+Z and have another go. The amount of bass is a matter of personal taste on which we cannot advise.

You can use the Equalizaton effect to boost the bass.

However since most digital music is already normalized (maximized), after boosting the bass run the Amplify effect to bring your peaks down to 0dB. Do this before saving. Audacity uses floating-point and essentially has no upper limit, but file formats such as WAV are limited to 0dB, and if you “try” to go over, you get clipping (distortion). Digital-to-analog converters are also limited to 0db.