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Hi everybody …

Thanks God there is a forum :slight_smile: I 'm from Italy and I study singing, I’m new on audacity ad a friend told me about this software … and I need help.

First of all, how can I adjust the tone of a mp3 song … higher … lower… to level and to fix the song for my voice? is there a faq about this? a link to a previous discussion?

With audacity can I sing on a mp3 song base and record everything?

thank you for your patience … trying alone it’s difficult sometime. I use windows 7 and the version is 2.1.0

I ho pe to hear some advice … bye sweetie (Patty)

“Change Pitch” effect: Change Pitch - Audacity Manual
If you change it too far it will start to sound strange. Better sound quality can be achieved using the “Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift” effect, but it’s a bit more complicated to use and it takes longer to process:

That’s called “overdubbing”.
What you do is to “Import” the backing track into Audacity (Importing Audio - Audacity Manual), then set Audacity to record from your microphone by selecting it as the recording input in the device toolbar, then record.
For more details, see: Tutorial - Multi-track Overdubbing - Audacity Manual