basic setup help

hi, I’m running x2 denon 2900 cdjs with a denon 2 channel out mixer . I’m using a technics amp which has an aux in, a VCR in and out and want to record through a lexicon alpha device which is attached to a relatively old laptop.
Just struggling as been told to run an out from a mixer to the alpha device, tried setting up in audacity for playback and hear pretty poor recording with buzzing

Reducing this to its basics, most laptops have a Mic-In designed to accept a connection from a microphone.

You can’t connect anything else. So how are you connecting the “anything else” (Lexicon, effects unit, disco mixer, etc) to it?

Another way of reading your question is you are trying to play an audacity sound file into your show. How do you have that connected?


Hi, what I have done previously with the same laptop is have it connected to a usb lexicon alpha( same device) and why I am doing is trying to record my mixes . are you saying the only way to feed a signal in would be through the mic ? I’m sure I didn’t do this previously and was able to record and playback .i was told just to feed an RCA out of the mixer into the lexicon

No, no. Stop, stop. I’m just saying that’s a common mistake. I need to go back and read that again.

have it connected to a usb lexicon alpha( same device)

That’s the first time you introduced the USB connection. We’re not immediate experts on all audio equipment.

Now we’re in the weeds of how Unix handles sound connections and need to wait for a Unix person. As a first pass, Audacity > Preferences > Devices > Recording. Is there a USB audio device listed there? Is it selected?


Hi koz, yeah got it selected, I’m thinking because I might be connected through the master on the mixer it might be too much , possibly hence the loud humming

How exactly are you doing that? (we can’t see your setup so you need to describe everything)

Ok running an out from master on mixer to lexicon external sound card , which is connected to pc via usb ,

OK, so that’s how you are trying to get sound into the computer. How are you getting sound back out from the computer? Do you have headphones plugged into the Lexicon alpha?