Basic Recording problem


I installed Audacity onto my Dell laptop am trying to convert LP’s to MP3. I followed the directions for the settings, connected a cable from the headphone jack of my receiver to the microphone input on the laptop. The music appears to transfer OK as I can watch the waves form while the album is playing.

After the side of the album finished I clicked Save As, and named the file.

My issue is what to do next? When I try to open the saved file there are 6 '.au files, each with only a few seconds of audio!

What am I doing wrong? Why can’t I retrieve the recording in it’s entirety?


Tony Bender

When you “Save as” Audacity creates

  1. .aup - the top level file
  2. a folder called
  3. and in the folder called - a number of little .au files

You should not attempt to open the .au files - instead open the .aup file - this top-level project file tells aAudacity how to thread the little .au files together.

It is implemented this way to improve Audacity’s performance (so it doesn’t have to deal with one humungously large file).

Thank you,

I’m up and running now…