Basic recording problem

I’m a 61 year old newcomer with 100s of LPs and I want to transfer some of them on to iTunes. I have managed to get one song onto iTunes BUT when I start the next it simply records over the first. Should I (and how do I) delete track 1 before adding track 2

I expect this is pretty basic stuff but I’m bewildered

All my Apple and Audacity is the latest versions

Many thanks


The easiest way to delete a track is to click in the little black x at the top left of its Track Control Panel (the bit at the left of the blue waves) see: .

You will probably find this set of tutorials from the Audacity Manual useful:

particularly these two: and


I was typing the same time as waxcylinder so to finish off, Audacity is a multi-track editor so all Audacity tracks on the screen play mixed together.

You should not delete the Audacity track unless you are completely happy with the exported file for that track. To hear only the new or latest Audacity track, you can press “Solo” on that track only.

Normally we recommend recording the whole LP on one Audacity track, pressing the blue Pause button when you turn the album over to record the other side, then press Pause again to continue recording the other side in the same Audacity track. Then label (COMMAND + B) the breaks between the album tracks and use File > Export Multiple… to export a file for each song. This is the way that describes.

If you do record all the songs on their own Audacity track, you can still use Export Multiple to export multiple songs in one go after recording the whole album, except you tell it to split based on tracks instead of labels.

If you cannot finish an album in one go you can press File > Save Project… and come back to it later by opening the project from File > Open Recent.