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No excuses - yes I’m lazy (and busy) and never found the manual or an easy tutorial for the following: basic default settings to record internet radio analog output using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. I get nothing. I’ve twiddled around with it for hours and get zero. I have 3 Windoze systems with LAME and they are easy to set up and record using audacity. What basic setting(s) should I start with? Why isn’t audacity set to record audio card output after a Linux install, by default? Yes I’ve switched my Ubu audio from HDMI to analog out and still nuttin’. This basic setup should be page one of any manual and a sticky post on this forum. This is on an old DG33FB Intel Core2-Duo with integrated audio, plenty of RAM and a discrete NVidia 210 HDMI graphics card. A generic multi-million mass produced work-horse system with cumulative five years of refined driver development to smoothe out the lumps and bumps. Everything works perfectly in all departments except this one small glitch.

Audacity isn’t “set to record audio card output after a Linux install, by default” because it’s set to record whatever the system default is, and that system default is unlikely to be computer playback on Linux (or any other platform) because of copyright concerns.

Please see: .


I’m using Audacity v2.0. I did finally find a page of instructions to set-up recording from analog audio-out but after checking all settings it still doesn’t work in Ubu 12.04. I know I’ve got some fundamental setting wrong somewhere, but this doesn’t happen in “Windoze” which has maybe two or three settings to capture analog out.

I’ve been recording AM-FM radio news and talk broadcasts for twenty-five years, originally using extended outside antennas, two or three receivers, multiple recorders and VHS 8 hour tapes. I do not allow radio or TV adverts to play within my sight or hearing if it is at all possible to mute or skip them. Therefore I time shift or stream all my media on the basis of “fair use”.

Linux Ubu does successfully play back MP3s recorded on Windows machines, as well as CD audiobooks, using Rythmbox, which is more successful than the Linux version of VLC, which can’t seem to calculate the correct track sequence on an audiobook CD. I generally use a Sony CD player, but sometimes a worn or slightly damaged CD will read better in a PC optical drive. Hilariously VLC can’t seem to find track one. Am I the first person on 3rd planet to attempt a CD audiobook playback in VLC? I can see that communicating here is useless, so have your forum monitors simply erase these posts.

No you aren’t because no version with that number exists. You should give all three numbers from
Help > About Audacity.

There is no such OS as “Ubu 12.04”.

The name of the operating platform is “Windows”.

Have you considered reading the link you were given: ?

Why doesn’t that work?

Have you tried connecting a cable from audio out of the computer to line-in of the computer, then setting Audacity to record from line-in? Try it, if you have a line-in. Install PulseAudio Volume Control then you can set line-in as the input and set Audacity to record from pulse.

We don’t make VLC. Try asking here . But you will need to ask in a civil fashion, write in paragraphs, and take the trouble to read any replies you get. You could try doing all those things here. :wink:

If you rip the CD (if it’s an audio CD) or drag the files off it (if it’s a data CD) then you won’t get the audio losses that you will from recording the CD.