Basic problem: selecting audio

Hey, I’ve just downloaded Audacity 2.0 after being away form it for sometime. When I import audio I can select a part of the audio edit, but then I can’t refine that selection because the “finger pointing left” and “finger pointing right” do not display when I hover my cursor over the edges of the selection. This is an issue and I do not know why it is not working in this way - apologies if this has been addressed in another post (I didn’t find any). If anyone knows what the prob may be that would be a big help! Thanks!!

(Attached is a pic - I position my cursor at the left of the audio selection but it does not change to the finger for adjusting the start of the selection.)
Screen Shot 2012-04-17 at 1.22.04 AM.png

I can’t reproduce the problem, but a workaround that you could try:
Hold down the shift key when you want to grab the edge of the selection - that should grab the nearest edge even if you are not right on the edge.

Check what you have set in Edit > Preferences > Tracks > Enable dragging of left and right selection edges

Thanks so much for responding - problem solved :slight_smile:. Changed the settings as PGA suggests.