basic editing: selecting several clips in a row

i haven’t found this in the manual or elsewhere. i see that i can select a clip, region, or entire track but i have something else.

i’m finding that, quite often, i have two or more contiguous clips on a track and want to delete them all. to get precise (boundary to boundary) selections on each, i’m finding i have to double-click each, one at a time, and then delete. what i’ve done in other apps is something like double-click the first clip, shift-double-click the last clip and all the clips between get selected along with the first and last. is something like this available in audacity? would make my workflow a LOT more efficient.


Click on the split line that divides the clips and they will become one clip. You can then double click on the (one) clip to select it.

(If you are using Macros, you can select across the split line and then use the “Join” command. The “Edit menu > Clip boundaries > Join” command may be used across any number of clips.)

thanks steve.

took me a minute to get my mind into a different way of looking at this but found a good workaround by folding your suggestions into a ‘delete’ macro:


by assigning that to shift+delete key it’s very efficient. just drag over the clips, shift+delete key.

thanks again,