Barbershop Quartet Echo Effect?

Hi All

I’m trying to obtain that great echo effect that most barbershop qaurtets, and other multitrack singers get. You know, sounds like your singing in a ceramic walled bathroom ?? I’ve tried everything with the “echo” adjustment and I just keep getting a silly echo. Like yelling at a mountain in the Alps. How can you get that full echo effect that makes your voice sound like a million bucks? :slight_smile: Thanks .


Audacity does not have a good reverb of it’s own, but there are a number of good free plug-ins available. Have a look at the VST version of ANWIDA DX Reverb Light

Thanks I will. To bad there isn’t one here.

Actually I found the solution. Audacity does have a Reverb adjustment. Its under “GVerb” in the effects column.

Yes Audacity has Gverb, but imho it’s not a particularly “good” reverb effect and is not the easiest to use.
There’s a page on the wiki about GVerb that you may find helpful.