Band in distance effect

I have a high quality, clear and up close audio file of a marching band, But I wanted to sound like it’s somewhat in the distance and also like the band is between the two big cement buildings, like in a town square. What can I do to add this effect to the audio?

Roll off the top and bottom, add a load of echo and reverb, and keep the volume low. To make it sound authentic, mix in some ambient sounds that you would associate with the location.

That, and you either change the video to a shot further away “Hi, Jane. I though you couldn’t make it,” or announce, clearly and close-up “Here we are in the car.”

Just executing a plain effect is rough. You need something to “sell it.”


Between two buildings is rough. Duplicate the track and apply different echo.


Thank y’all very much for all of the help!

There’s a free spatial plugin which works in Audacity on Windows called space 360 …
'space 360' suggested settings for distant band between walls.png