Balancing Volumes

Hello everyone!

I need help to balance sounds in an audio file.
I recorded me and my friend speaking but his voice is much lower than mine.
I wanna balance the volume of our voices basically.

I could lower my voice (limit the maximum db, which I don’t know how to do or if it’s possible) and then make the audio louder.
I could make his voice louder somehow.

I don’t know what to do, I tried normalize, equalizer, compressor, nothing really worked especially cause I don’t really know how to work with it.
I’ll answer any question, I’ll even post pics of the waves or the actual audio file.
I just need some help, advice, guidance.

Am using Audacity 2.1 on Win8.1


his voice is much lower than mine.

Recording both sides of a cellphone call? Can you attach a sample of both voices in the same clip?


That’s a bogus Audacity if it really says that.

I suggest you obtain 2.1.1 from

Gale there’s a sample of the audio

I already kinda figured it out, I’m putting the audio through the normalizer with default settings and then using the compressor sorta like
I also asked about this on reddit and a guy helped me out really fast, but you can give me somes tips aswell!