Balancing left and right channels

I have a stereo recording made from a tape where on some portions the left channel is significantly ‘quieter’ than the right channel. However, there are other portions of the recording where the channels are well balanced.
Is there a way to balance the volume of both channels? (Or barring that, is there a way to independently normalize the left channel from the right channel?)

Yes you can work on each channel separately - you will need to use the “Split Stereo Track” command - available as on eof the dopdowns from the little downward pointing triangle in the track control box. When you’ve finished your editin then yiou can select both tracks - and from the same dropdown list you can “Make Stereo Track” to re-join them.

you can either work on selected parts of your separated track by simply selecting them - or you may want to use the envelope tool to help you with better transitions. The envelope tool is the little icon with the upward & downward white triangles with a dot and a blue line between them. This is a bit harder to work - but should give you better results - just experiment with it on a copy of a project before you work on the real thing.