Bad sounds appear when copied .aup file from remote location

Hi, I’m facing a very strange situation with a file. The original file is in a remote server and I have to access it through VPN, edit the file online is very slow then I have to copy and edit it locally. The problem is when I open the file, some sounds appear in the tracks, specifically some echo and plosives. The same file opened from the original location sounds well. Why does this strange behavior happen? Thanks.

There are two parts to an Audacity project. There is the “project file” (which has the file extension “.aup”) and there is the audio data.
The (.aup) project file does not contain any audio data. By default, the audio data is saved into a folder ending with “_data”.

Audacity projects don’t work well across networks because networks are rarely able to consistently provide fast enough access to the data.
Ensure that both the .aup file and the project’s “_data” folder are on a local hard drive.

For more information about Audacity projects, see: