Bad link to Audacity CD

On the Audacity FAQ page, under ‘Someone is selling Audacity on eBay. Is this legal?’, there is a link to ‘Audacity on CD’, containing “Audacity and other open source software.”

Unfortunately, that link leads to a ‘Page Not Found’ (404) error.

Is there still a CD available that contains various other vendors’ software in addition to Audacity? Where might one examine the list of “other open source software” included on the disc?

There are no longer any official CD releases of Audacity.

I am not able to change the released version of the manual because it is now “cast in stone”, but I’ll ensure that the next release version is corrected.

Some people leech off open source software by selling it on ebay while contributing nothing to the open source projects that they are selling. Audacity does not endorse any third party resellers, and we cannot guarantee that they are not bundling malware with the software that they sell. While selling Audacity may be legal, provided that the license terms and trademark are respected fully, doing so for personal profit and giving nothing back to the community is parasitic and morally abhorrent in my opinion.