Bad left headphone music

I have this song from audionautix the one I talked in my last post.
However, when I listen to this song I hear a buzz in my left headphone, probably is something related with the original recording, however if I move the sound all on my right headphone it’s sound good, but it is strange that the music come only from the right side, can I have only the right side song also in the left headphone?

Temporarily swapping the tracks will help you determine if something is wrong with your headphones.
swap stereo channels.gif

something is wrong with your headphones.

That was my first thought. Buzzy sound is not a typical digital error, but it can totally be caused by bad connections, dirty plugs, lifted grounds, ratty shields, defective sockets, and incorrect seating—to name a few.


I don’t know, now is ok, probably was my headphone, but I am not sure because I tried in that moment also with some other wireless headphone and I can hear the problem.