bad cursor accuracy [SOLVED]

I use Audacity versions 2.0.6 // Windows 7


It’s probably my computer BUT just maybe there’s a Audacity setting for it:
My mouse/cursor is not accurate at all (it’ s is brand new by the way and works perfect in for example Photoshop. And I tried two others; same problem). For instance if I want to very accurately place a ‘cut line’ (very much zoomed in) it doesn’t cut where I want it to cut. It automatically jumps either to the left or to the right. It’s virtually impossible to place the cursor where I want it. And therefore it’s impossible to be really exact.
On another computer, using the same Audacity and also Wind.7 this doesn’t happen…
-I ofcorse tried various mouse settings-.

What else can I do?

Thank you!
Best Erik

Make sure Snap-To is not checked at the bottom of the Audacity work window.

so simple. Did’nt see it was on…
Thank you Koz!