Backup Track Ratings

Hi all
New member, just taken the plunge to rid myself of Win Media Player after 20 years (of frustration). As I have already * rated many of my tracks in media player I’d like to now enter these (manually) into Audacity (v3.0.3). This is quite a large undertaking as I have about 1700 albums to sort so feel I must ensure everything is backed up and safe. I have read the backup notes in the manual, they do seem a bit vague, but would like to check on how to back these (and any other) settings up with a mind to then transferring these to my other window machines once I have all setup. Might be an old question but tried searching for ‘backup track ratings’ and didn’t find anything.
Thanks all.

I rarely use WMP but I found this:

  1. In Windows Media Player 10, click the Tools menu, and then click Options.

  2. Click the Library tab, select the Maintain my star ratings as global ratings in the media files check box. When this check box is selected, the user ratings for your songs are saved in your media files rather than in your library database

Embedded metadata varies depending on the audio file format. MP3 files use ID3 tags, FLAC uses Vorbis Comments, and tagging of WAV files is just poorly standardized and poorly supported.

“Rating” is not a standard ID3 tag (it’s an “extended tag”) and I’m not sure how it’s handled in other formats.

I’d like to now enter these (manually) into Audacity (v3.0.3).

Audacity’s metadata/tag editor is “limited”. It doesn’t support embedded artwork and are other issues/limitations with some formats. And, with Audacity you have to re-save the whole file. That means if you have MP3 (or other lossy compression) your audio goes through another generation of lossy compression.

For editing metadata I use [u]MP3Tag[/u], It works with most formats not just MP3. But since the rating is an extended tag (at least in MP3) it takes a couple of extra steps.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Might have given the wrong impression.
I do have many tracks * rated in WMP but now I am moving over to Audacity I’d just like to be completely sure that once I have completed the mammoth task of rating the tracks in audacity (manually by re-rating each one - not by migrating all of them from WMP) that I can then safely back up what I have entered so I can be absolutely sure they are available should I have any problems with the audacity prog and in the future being able to copy the backup data saved over to a new installation of audacity on another PC. Reading the helpfile this does seem possible?

Should have mentioned… I am saving all as mp3 files when ripping the original CD’s

but now I am moving over to Audacity

Audacity is an audio editor, not an audio player. Of course it can play files so you can hear what you’re editing but it doesn’t have the features of an audio player, like playing albums, or from a playlist, or selecting all of the songs by a certain artist or genre, or rating, etc.

You might just search for an audio player (or media player). I use Winamp, but it’s getting old and isn’t really “maintained”. I also have iTunes but that’s because I have an iPod in the car. Foobar2000 is popular among people who like to customize it.

…I don’t normally rate my files but I made a “favorites” playlist by 5-star rating about 2000 of my 18,000 files. I did the “work” in Winamp and It took a LOT of research and it was a bit tricky to get the ratings & playlist moved over to iTunes, but it’s not really that hard and now I have notes about how to do it.