Backing up my projects

Using Audacity 20.30 on XP I’ve found that my Audacity projects fit perfectly on DVD and would like to know what software is recomended ?
My Audacity projects are currently stored on my hard drive and need to be backed up in case of HD failure.(makes me nervous just typing this)!

4.7GB? That’s a Data DVD.

You should be careful about that. You only get the rated capacity when you have one big file. The more files, the more housekeeping and the smaller the disk. Are you backing up your Projects? I think the party line is to Zip each AUP/_DATA combination into one archive and back up the Zips.

Just to cover the bases: This is one Audacity Project.

If your projects are plain stereo and under three hours each, you should export WAV (Microsoft) sound files and back up those, too. Backup hygiene says you should be able to point to two different places that have your valuable work. When you create the Data DVD, that’s the second one. If you delete them from the computer, you’re down one.

I don’t know that XP had a built-in DVD burner in Windows Media. Can you get blank DVDs? Until you resolve this, I think I would blow everything over to a USB thumb drive. I like SanDisk.


If you mean a Flash Drive I’ve considered this and found abit expensive.I also tried Cloud storage but can only upload the Audacity Data files. Can you please explain this:

I think the party line is to Zip each AUP/_DATA combination into one archive and back up the Zips.

Zip is an archive file format. It’s a way to turn a pile of oddball files and folders into one single file for the purpose of shipping and storage. Attached is one of the methods of installing Audacity as an example. All the needed files and folders are inside the single Zip file.
Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 20.55.38.png
I don’t know what provision there is for Windows XP, I’m on a Mac, but I was making Zip archives on Windows 2000.
Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 21.01.57.png

Before you relax and go make tea, make sure your archives open.