Background roar

I’m coming back for help once more. I have recorded music from my keyboard, converted it into wav, loaded it onto a flash drive, and per instructions, imported it into Audacity for editing. Everything works fine except that when I export the file and play it back via my computer, some but not all of the music files I have edited (4 out of 10) contain a background roar that is not on the flash drive I used to import it into Audacity. I have gone back through the editing process and have managed to get the roar out of all but one of the songs, but regardless of what I try,it persists. Again, I’m lost and need guidance, please.

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…contain a background roar that is not on the flash drive I used to import it into Audacity.

What kinds of editing/processing/effects did you do in Audacity?

Audacity won’t add noise if you simply import and export, so you may have to start-over with one effect at a time to narrow-down the cause of the problem.

Things that can boost the volume such as compression, EQ, or normalization, will also boost any existing noise.

All I did to this particular song was change key by two semi-tones, nothing else. The other 3 songs that experienced background roar also were key changes and nothing else. I repeated the few necessary editing steps and the noise went away in 3 of the songs, but not in the fourth.

In what application are you playing the exported files? Windows Media Player? And using what speakers or headphones? Does the exported file have roar if you import it back into Audacity and listen to it there?

Export does by default add intentional very quiet noise, called dither, but it should only be audible in headphones in the most quiet audio, and is hiss rather than roar. Have you updated to Audacity 2.1.1 from yet? Some older versions of Audacity made dither noise too loud.

If you can hear the noise in this remaining file in Audacity, can you drag select about 6 seconds that has both some notes and the noise between the notes, File > Export Selected Audio…, choose WAV, then attach the WAV? Please see here for how to attach files:


I playback via Audacity through JBL Platinum Series computer speakers, and yes, it has the roar during playback. I’m running a laptop with Windows 8.1, and Audacity 2.1.1. I’m sorry, but I can’t send you a sample. I’ve already deleted everything in anticipation of replacing the song with a different one originally recorded in a different key so nothing is necessary except to run it through Audacity so it can be burned to disc along with the others. This is the last one I need to burn to the master before it goes into production, so I don’t want to waste any more time with it. Thank you everyone for all your help. It’s pretty obvious I’m a real neophyte where all this is concerned, and I have learned a lot thanks to your help and direction. If I can get everything to work from this point, I think I will just take my shirt collar in my teeth, close my eyes, and go for it, and leave well enough alone. WHEW!Thanks again.