Background power hum issue

I have Audacity 2.0.0, use windows xp and a blue yeti microphone

I am having really irritating issues with recording with my blue yeti. I am getting an annoying background hum from the PC and it’s really difficult to lessen it to any helpful level.

I’ve tried the noise removal tool, I’ve tried turning the gain down on the mic (the hum is still there just as loudly when I amplify the recording to hear my voice) and I have also tried a USB hub that runs from it’s own power. This helped the hum…but it adds a crackle sound!!

I’ve searched high and low for help on what I can do, if someone can please help me get rid of the hum or even the crackle instead, I would be eternally grateful!


This helped the hum…but it adds a crackle sound!!

We go to great effort to avoid the “rescue” tools. A crackling usb hub may mean the hub is still receiving power from the computer, not wall power.

Unplug the hub from the computer and the hub lights should stay on and not blink.

Also, you are absolutely forbidden to use the hub for anything else while you run sound through it. No fair plugging your keyboard or mouse in, too.

It “helped the hum” but did not get rid of it?

Can we hear what it sounds like? Plug the mic in normally in a quiet room and say “hello” and then just sit there. Select the “show” and Tracks > Stereo Track to Mono. Drag select your hello and about five seconds of hum, export a WAV and post it here.


When you post back, include information on your computer. “Dell Dimension 500 Laptop,” etc.


Hi Koz, thanks for your reply!

Here’s my test - I’ve amplified it a little. It was recorded through the hub.

I tried fiddling with my USB hub a little to make sure it’s taking the power from the supply and not the PC, and the crackle has gone down a little but there’s still an issue there. I only have the mic plugged in to this (it’s the only reason I bought it lol!) I may just take it back to the store today as it’s obviously not taking power where it’s meant to!

I did think I was being daft and the hum was actually my mic picking up the room noise of the PC, so I did a test and had my mic plugged in to the PC (not the hub), put it in the hallway and shut my door, but the hum was still there.

My PC was custom built, so I’m not sure what I can tell you about it! It’s old but I upgrade bits of it now and then. I put a new PSU in it a few weeks ago.

I’ve figured out where the hum was coming from - it was one of my fans. I’ve unplugged it for the time being for a short term fix but will replace it.

I’m still having a slight noise problem, but I think that’s just me being paranoid now!

No you’re not.
I have a similar problem (it’s a common problem) and I can hear the background noise (not strong like the one from your sample) through the headphones when I do gaming.
This issue often happens with an onboard audio chip, I think the solution is to have an external audio device?