Background Noises

Hi, I want to animate a video from a bunch of guys playing video games. I want to isolate their commentary from the noises from the game, but I have no idea how to do it in Audacity. If this cannot be achieved in Audacity, what programs can I do this in? Thanks in advance.

As a general rule, you can’t split apart performers, voices, instruments or sounds from a mixed show. Once everything is dumped together, it’s pretty much stuck that way.

If you play at it enough, you can sometimes record the commentary separate from the game sound, but that has to be carefully planned ahead of time. It’s special headsets and sound routing. It’s not push a button and go. If the game play is over multiple players on a network connection, it gets almost impossible to route the sounds to the right places. Sometimes if all the players arrange to record their own microphones, you can collect all the individual voices after the game and mix them into a final show. There may be timing problems with that, but it should work far better than trying to do it any other way.

Somebody has to also record the game sound. We used to have a machine at work that was a “silent player.” The only thing it did was record network sound. It didn’t actually take part in the game other than that.

We did write a thing on Vocal Isolation that may be valuable. Scroll down.