background noise

i recently bought a workout videos. so i extracted the videos from the dvd and extracted the audio from the video it self (MP4). my goal here is to isolate the background music and remove the vocals. after removing the vocals a noise of some kind, like background conversation appeared instead of the vocals. i could not find a spot where i can isolate those sounds and the music so i can reduce the noise. does anyone have a better idea of doing this?

it is extremely hard to explain the problem, so i will attach 30 sec. of the file after removing the vocals. The noise starts around 7 seconds.

I am new to audio editing, so please help with simple instructions
Thank you

Vocal Removal and Vocal Reduction and Isolation never do a clean job of removing vocals. Depending on which of the sound tracks you got (DVDs can have two), you may have the compressed Dolby Surround and the voice quality may be scrambled/encoded or worse.

Having a stereo track doesn’t help. We used to produce “stereo” on product DVDs by only using the front two channels of surround when the high quality stereo PCM wouldn’t fit.

So this isn’t looking good.

Noise reduction only works on sounds that don’t change such as fan noises, electronic hum or air conditioning sounds. It doesn’t work on constantly changing voices.


If you cut out all the sound above 8kHz that gets rid of a lot to the compression artefact noise,
( it’s inevitably created when using lossy audio encoding on sibilance ).