background noise

I have an old audiobook online and im trying to update the sound, but when recording aith audacity you can hear me breath, any way just to get the sound from the computer and not the room

may thanks


I’m not sure that’s entirely clear. Noise and Breathing are different and performance sound is from you, not the computer or the room.

How are you recording the work? Is it a duplicate of the way you produced the original work? Was the original work done professionally and you’re cleaning it up from home? I have sound samples from someone who professionally recorded their promotion campaign and decided to “touch it up” cheaply from home.

It didn’t work.

If you’re on a laptop, you could be recording from the laptop built-in microphone instead of your special separate one. That will usually sound terrible and nobody can figure out why.

Describe how you’re doing it.


hi Koz

thanks for the reply i have a closed web page with my old work, it sounds bad, so i wanted to record and update useing audacity, just from the original source, eg the web page, but on my lap top it picks me up also is there anyway just to get it to record the web page?

Oh, I get it. You want to record sound playing on the computer.


ill look at that thanks