Background noise

Sorry if this question has been asked before, I honestly tried to look for it but didn’t find it.

I am trying to extract the audio from a web video but my efforts are spoiled by a background hissing sound that is not present in the original video playback.
What could be the source of that noise and how can it be avoided or removed ?


How are you doing that?

Thank you for your reply.

I simply record inline with audacity and let a browser play the video

Are you doing it with Stereo-Mix or one of the other self-recording techniques, or are you using a jumper cable between Line-In and Line-Out? Can you download the movie? If you install FFMpeg into Audacity, it will open many movie formats.


I think I’ll read the FAQ linked in your signature. There is obviously more than meets the eye on this topic. If this doesn’t answers my questions, I’ll come back.

Thank you

Depending on the web site and how they are delivering the video it may be possible to download the video rather that recording it. For example there are plug-ins available for Firefox web browser that allow you to download from YouTube. Audacity is able to extract the audio from many types of video files if you have FFMpeg installed simply by importing the audio (File menu > Import > Audio).