background noise

I have a background noise on one of the channels of my sound effect. How do I get rid of that sound?

thanks, Phil

Do you mean you have a stereo show and only Left is noisy, or you have multiple special effects overlayed and only one of them is noisy?

What kind of noise is it? Hiss?


After listening to the file it seems the background noise is on both channels. I have just one layer of sound that is part of a soundtrack with ProShow presentation. Is there a way to dampen that background noise or eliminate it altogether? Also on the sound effect, which is recorded thunder, there is rain throughout the recording which I would like to mute or dampen so it isn’t so obvious, is that possible?


No. Not if you have a mixed show. You’re in the position of trying to remove one of the eggs from an omelet. Software doesn’t “know” what rain is. The best we can do is remove some of the characteristics of rain sound from the show. If other valuable parts of the show sound like rain, then that’s tough. They go, too.

White nose/hiss/rain-in-the-trees is particularly difficult to manage because valuable show sounds have a lot in common.

If you have multiple interference profiles, that may be the end of your show. We would have a lot of difficulty with one.

Select a portion of the show with interference-only and no performance. Launch Noise Removal and use that selection as the profile.

Select some of the show with performance plus noise and launch Noise Removal again, this time to take the noise out based on the profile.

That’s about the best we can do. You can mess with the removal sliders, but there’s very little hope of rescuing the show based on your description.