Background noise removal - Please help!

Hi everyone and many thanks in advance. I am looking for help with removing the background noise in a sound file. I have tried the High and Low Pass filter effects. However, I was still not completely happy with the sound.
Can you please help? Anything else I can do to remove the background noise in this file?
Again, many thanks in advance!

I don’t think anything can be done to remove the public address announcements as they have the same frequency and volume as the conversation: there is nothing to differentiate the unwanted sounds from the wanted sound to allow them to be seperated. Your recording is (dual) mono so temporal techniques cannot be applied either.

Thanks for your reply Trebor. Appreciate the help. That’s too bad. I was happy with the video of the interview but the sound isn;t so good… :frowning:

If there is nothing that can be done about the public announcements, is there at least something that can be done to remove the annoying organ sound in the background? :slight_smile:

The rule is you can’t take apart a mixed performance into individual instruments or voices. There are some rare times that you can remove the lead singer, but that doesn’t have a really good track record. You can sometimes remove air conditioning noises, too, but that frequently distorts the show.

That’s it. Everything in the show right now will probably be there forever.