Background Noise on Recording

This is my first posting to this forum . I have version 2.0.5 and I am running Windows 7. I loaded a wav in to Audacity, made some changes such as bass and treble levels, normalized, etc. Recorded the changes and saved the newly created wav. When I played it back there were voices in the background which were not in the original file. It was strictly an instrumental . Is there a mic setting that could have been on?
Thank you. Rob

I have no idea how THAT could happen! Do you recognize the voices?

It’s not easy to accidently record, nor is it easy to accidently over-dub or mix.

Recorded the changes and saved the newly created wav.

You didn’t actually hit the Record button did you?

There is no need to record anything… Just open the WAV, make your edits, and re-export (to a different folder or different file name to keep your original intact as a backup).

Were the voices singing the song, or talking about a recipe for chocolate chip cookies?

I loaded a wav in to Audacity

Where did the WAV come from? It was clean when you got it, right?

Newer Windows machines have a series of special effects that you can apply to the playback sound. A popular one is “Concert Hall.” Are any of those running?

You can get voices and singing in a recording if you live close enough to one of these:

That one in particular appears on people’s toasters.

If all you did was Import an already existing WAV file, do effects to it and Export it, there’s no place in the process where Audacity could have turned on a microphone by accident.


Thank you for your replies. My original posting was confusing. I am a new user of Audacity. The wav. files are instrumental recordings from my piano keyboard. I loaded them into Audacity to make some effects changes. I did not export them directly but chose to record the changed wav. (don’t ask why) and when it was played back, the voices were in the mix. I since have discovered it was sounds from audio that was playing on another device in the room. So, I figured these unwanted sounds were being picked up by an open mic on my computer. I will leave the topic to the experts because the more I reveal will leave no doubt as to my incompetence. Thanks for the feedback. Rob