Background noise eliminated!

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I’ve been battling for years a persistent background noise in my recordings which fluctuated for no apparent reason. Have done extensive troubleshoting to no avail.

well, today I found the reason and killed it.

I use Yeti Blu Pro mic mounted on a Rhode professional studio boom arm which is mounted on my desk. Because of my set up, I have the arm mounted by the corner of the desk and extending almost the full length to the centre of the desk where I sit.

I recorded my new podcast (Quantum Living®) episode yesterday - the noise wasn’t too bad. But today when I had to do some urgent edits - the noise was driving me crazy! In desparation I was checking everything and moving everything around checking the noise… finally, I pushed the boom arm back to a less extended position and…the noise has STOPPED.


The mic mounting design on this boom arm is…well, not the best (although the boom is in the top range and cost me a lot of money!) and it picks up the tention vibrations from the extended arm converting them to noise.

Who would have thought. That’s one of my new year’s resolutions ticked off the list.

Happy New Year!

So it was an elastic problem (form a structural point of view). I’m wondering what would happen if you, by using the same geometry, put a thick piece of rubber between the desk and the arm.

the issue is not between the desk and the arm.

the issue is between the arm and the mic. The mounting design is poor. The mic is not isolated from the arm.

oh, I misunderstood.

now I know what I’m missing.

A mic shock mount. :mrgreen: