background hiss

I am recording an ACX book for a client.
There is a background hiss, but if I use it to remove the hiss won’t I wipe out the noise floor recording they tell me to record at the beginning and end of each file?
Help appreciated.


Noise-Reduction can be set to reduce, rather than eliminate hiss.
[ Use the least amount of Noise Reduction necessary to meet the specifications, as it will, to some extent, damage the speech ].

Similarly noise-gate can be set to attenuate noise rather than eliminate it completely.
The free version of Couture plugin is a noise-gate which can be finely adjusted in real-time.

If it’s obvious the audio has been processed it may be rejected by ACX for that reason, (so less-is-more).

We can guess at it all day, but best if we can listen to the problem.

Post a 10 second sample.

We can’t take corrections out, so don’t apply any filters or effects before posting.

As above, ACX has a failure they call “overprocessing.” They like conversational voices and presentations, not phone distortions or Zoom voice.

How are you recording your voice? There’s a balancing act between quality, volume, and noise. Some noises and distortions don’t come out.

We publish Audiobook Mastering which guarantees ACX RMS (loudness) and Peak. If you did everything right, noise is close or acceptable as it is with no corrections. If you still have high noises, we should find out why.