Background "beat" to recordings

Another newby here. I am using a Sound Lab G056C deck onto a lap top. When recording from vinyl gentle melodic music (Art Garfunkle), I end up with a background beat to the recording. Approx. 3/4 beats a second. The beats only start when the music starts and there is silence in between the tracks. This means that I cannot even use noise removal effect. Any ideas?

USB turntable + laptop = Bad News.

I don’t think that anyone has yet resolved these weird problems other than by using different hardware. Sometimes USB turntables will work, but too often they don’t - it seems that the interface borders between being ok and unusable. You could try it on a different machine, or you could use an analogue interface with a desktop PC (you would probably need a phono pre-amp unless your turntable has one built in, which is unlikely). Sometimes it will even work if you just plug it into a different USB socket. (Avoid using a USB hub). Once you have the audio captured on CD, you can use almost any computer to edit it with Audacity.