back to default settings?

I have been experimenting with amplify settings, but have made things worse. The first recording was actually fine on audacity’s default settings. How do I get back to the defaut settings as they were, because I cannot remember! I noticed that all new recording sessions keep the amplify settings of the previous one.

Effect > Amplify doesn’t have default settings. It looks at your show and decides how much boost to give it (top number) to achieve the goal (bottom number). You can change either number manually, but you don’t have to.

If you don’t like a change you made, Edit > UNDO.

The best thing to do is make a copy of your show and edit the copy. In this case, you can go back to the original show and trash the bad one.

Once you either Export a finished work or Save an Audacity Project and close, you’re stuck. Projects save a lot of things about your edit, but UNDO isn’t one of them.


Thanks a stack for the info regarding the top and bottom numbers.
Is there an ideal setting to aim for?
The tutorial said aim for 6 db I think, but I’m not sure where that number is reflected and if that refers to any numbers in amplify.

I have an old version of audacity that I still managed to get in English. I am English-speaking but live in a foreign country. Whenever I try to download a new version it auto downloads the country’s foreign language version (which I don’t understand). No matter what I try, I get the foreign version.
So I had the old version from a couple of years ago, but never actually used it for recordings. Now I suddenly need it, but am clueless! I am a designer and know nothing about sound, but am attempting an audio version of one of my children’s books - so I am right at the bottom of the learning curve.


Aim when recording for -6 dB.

0 dB is the maximum without distortion. That is what Amplify gives you if you just click OK.

Anything over 0 dB is distortion.

While recording you can see the numbers in Meter Toolbar.

After recording, the negative of the value in “Amplification (dB)” in Amplify actually tells you the peak of the waves. If “Amplification (dB)” says 2 dB, then the peak is -2 dB and the default amplification of Amplify (2 dB) will bring the peak to the maximum of 0 dB.

Download the current 2.1.2 version from us at Choose the EXE version (installer). Choose English in the installer, then Audacity will run in English. In older versions of Audacity, this may not set the Audacity language, only the installer language.

With 2.1.2 or older versions you can always change the language at Edit > Preferences…, Interface section.


Thanks so much for all the answers.
I know a whole lot more now to try out!
I will be making new attempts this week and will check back here to give feedback.