Baby steps: storing program and files

DISCLOSURE: This is pretty basic stuff.

I have four copies of audacity .exe, on three hard drives (one laptop).

I assume that I can delete all of them except for the newest (version 3.1.3). Correct?

I have numerous files of recordings and projects – mp3, .wav, and .aup.

Are all of them usable with Audacity 3.1.3?

Where do you keep them?

Thank you for your indulgence.

Yes. Should you need to revert to an older version, you can always download from: Old Audacity versions download

Yes. However, the .aup3 files generated by 3.x.x are not backwards compatible. (You cannot read them in an older version of Audacity).

So that would be up to you. I keep mine in Documents and Music subdirectories depending on what I am doing. Occasionally I archive them to an external drive.

Be careful that you do not work with .aup3 files that are being stored on network or cloud drives.